Travel Planning

You are ready to explore what the world has to offer but you're not sure if your picking the right destination or lodging. That's when you contact us to make your vision a reality. We work to get you to your destination that best fits your needs and budget. 

We offer a free consultation where we will discuss your ideas and formulate a game plan to get you there. Included in your free consultation will be a quote for your destination with 1 revision option.

                                                        Specialties *but not limited to

                         -Group Travel               -Honeymoon

                                                       -Cruise                           -Family Travel

                                                       -Couples Getaway

                                                       -AM Resort Master Agent


Travel Booking

You know the when the where answer now its time to book and you would like a travel agent to make sure you're getting a good value on your trip as well as possibly knowing of any travel specials that maybe going on. We are here for you before, during and after your trip as your personal travel advocate and representative. If something isn't right we will work to fix it while you enjoy your time away.

   Fees                                                                             Service Destinations

-Basic Trip $25                                                  -Las Vegas                 -Caribbean

-Flight Only $30                                                -Miami                       -All Cruises

Group Travel 8 or more people $50                -New York

Destination Weddings $150


Client Testimonials

Atwater Anniversary
Honeymoon Couple

Just BLOWN AWAY..Wilisha we are on the honeymoon of our DREAMS!! We could not even wait until we got home to thank you...had to find you on Facebook! We are still in Punta Cana ..Day #4. Thank you SO much for all the extra surprises. We are having the time of our lives....BEST HONEYMOON EVER

Booking with TMA made our anniversary vacation stress free. I expressed to Wilisha what I wanted and she found it. The entire processwas easy she made sure we were prepared every step of the way. We even had to postpone the trip for two weeks because of a hurricane,but she handled that with grace.  She was on call anytime we needed her during our stay. She even went the extra mile to make sure we arrived, departed and made it home safely. TMA exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks TMA :)