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California Love

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Recently I was able to visit a city and state that has been lingering on my bucket list. You see the pictures and the movies of the state and Los Angeles so you have a image in your mind. As soon as I stepped off the plane I was excited to see all the things I've grown up seeing. Although I was there on a business trip I still got to soak up some of the California attractions. My intended location was the Los Angeles Convention Center which is literally right beside the Staples Center. The Convention Center is huge. Large enough to hold multiple conferences without either conference knowing about the other. lol Across from the Staples Center especially on a game day is filled with various activities for the fans that will fill the Staples Center to cheer on their team of choice. The one thing I did notice around the Staples Center is the Grammy walk with the names of the winners of certain categories I can't remember them off the top of my head. The Clive Davis Grammy Museum is in the L.A. Live vicinity that's filled with different options for all your taste buds. My favorite spot in the vicinity was Yard House. The Chicken Tortilla Soup was soooooo good lol. I'm in the midst of dieting so bare with my taste buds on this journey.....the first night I got to LA I headed straight to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles lolol....the Obama Special was soooo good. I used Lyft the whole time to get around. My hotel wasn't far from the Convention Center. I absolutely loved my room. I stayed downtown at Hilton Checkers. The stay was friendly the room was nice and I had a great view of the downtown area. Sometime during my Cali stay I ventured off to see the Infamous Hollywood Sign. Included in that trip was seeing the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I didn't see all the stars on the Walk that I wanted to because I was tired lol but I did see Richard Pryor's Star and Lucille Ball. I accidentally explored The Grove.....I needed my battery replaced in my iPhone and that was the closet Apple store That area is soo busy but so pretty and filled with numerous shops. I didn't get to see everything that I had intended to while I was there but that just gives me more reason to return.

-Mocha Carmen Sandiego

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