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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Ya'll I'm soooo glad that outside is back open. Although I'm still being careful cause Rona is not to play with believe me I know. I have been craving to go to the Beach since around mid March and everywhere I was trying to go was BOOKED to capacity chile. I didn't even want to go to the popular beaches I just needed the beach and a room. It wasn't looking too good for ya girl. I was just about to say forget it untilllllll (cue dramatic music) a colleague asked me to assist in chaperoning a trip. YASSS! So with 2 days notice I packed and we were on the road to where you might ask.....Ft. Walton Beach Florida! We stayed at The Island Hotel by RL. This is hotel is a large beachfront property. It has 2 pools (actually I think it was 3) one has a waterfall in the middle of it. On different days different activities like yoga and in the evening in the Bar area there are live performances. The food in the restaurant is great as well one night I had some wings and fries another night I had cheesecake. The room is your standard hotel room except the shower has a overhead shower with a glass open door. Rental rates for beach chairs run by blocks of time. I truly enjoyed this property and my time with my therapist (the beach). Definitely would recommend this hotel to others and I would stay again. So glad to be back in the mix. I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel be on lookout. I'll definitely keep you all posted.

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